Legal Grow Ops

(March 25, 2017)

If you're a landlord or are thinking of starting your rental investment portfolio, please read and consider the following article. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Be proactive by educating yourself and protect your investment!

Home Prices Across Canada

(March 25, 2017)

The average home in Toronto is $770,000, but what kind of home will that buy you elsewhere in Canada?


(April 26, 2016)

I always make a point of going above and beyond for my clients. Its just part of the outstanding I strive to provide. Every once in a while, a client takes their time to say thank you and that totally makes my day. Here is a recent one from a very satisfied client here

New Downpayment Rules

(February 22, 2016)

In an effort to reduce the out of control buying activity in markets like Toronto and Vancouver, the federal government's new downpayment rules for residential homes are now in effect across the country.

I'm in personal disagreement to these changes, primarily because I think it will have next to no affect for the problems in those regions while it may have some negative consequences to our already... read more.

Jingle Mail?  Media Myth Busted!

(February 22, 2016)

You know the saying about not believing everything that you read or see on the web? News reports across the media have been talking about the phenomenon of 'jingle mail'. Reports claiming that people are simply mailing their keys back to the bank and walking away from their about to be foreclosed on homes. OMG! That's insanely shocking, you think! There's only one problem, people who work in the C... read more.