Turkey Time

(September 28, 2015)

First time making Thanksgiving dinner and don't want to send everyone home sick?  Or just been a while and need a refresher for timing?  Here's a chart to get you started.

Candy-Dipped Apple Sundae Bar

(September 28, 2015)

For a fun and easy Thanksgiving dessert, why not try a candy-dipped apple sundae bar?  No long hours in a hot kitchen and it's fun for adults and kids alike.  Plus, it can be mixed up depending on individual tastes and preferences.  Source and more ideas can be found here.

Where's the recession?

(September 28, 2015)

Since late last year, Canada's economy has had contradictory data from week to the next on whether or not we are in a recession. We all know that oil is down, the global markets have had uncertainty with Greece's debt crisis and the slowdown in China's economy. Ironically, housing (which was thought to be the great vulnerability of the Canadian economy and the one big worry) has been arguably the... read more.

Walkability top of the list for millennials

(September 22, 2015)

According to recent surveys, 38% of millennials (those 18-34 years old) said they would forgo a wedding in favour of buying a home. And when they buy that home, walkability is more important than to other generations. 83% of millennials liked to walk and only 71% like to drive. The 12 percentage point difference wider than other demographic groups, for example, there is only a 2% spread for baby b... read more.

Fall Home Maintenance

(September 15, 2015)

Before the snow starts to fly, now is the time to take a look around your home for simple things that can be fixed before winter.  Here's a list to get you started:

  1. Check all gutters and roofing.  Take the time to inspect and clean all gutters and downspouts for those Calgary chinooks.  You also want to take some time to inspect your roof for any damaged shingles, leaky vents, etc.
  2. Shut off an... read more.

House sold in X days or I will buy it

(September 01, 2015)

We've all heard the real estate agent pitch, "If I don't sell your home in X days, I will buy it". Sure sounds good right? Maybe....but what you aren't being told is that in order to stand by that guarantee, a real estate agent will likely list your home WAY below fair market value to ensure a sale. Of course buyers want to get the biggest bang for their buck so if they see your home priced below... read more.