Tip #2: Organize your Boots

(March 05, 2015)

Need to store or tidy your winter boots after the long Calgary winter? Cut up “pool noodles” to stuff inside them to help them keep their shape.

Tip #1: Organize your Worst Areas

(March 04, 2015)

Are you thinking of selling your Calgary home or is there just a room or area in your home where all the “stuff” ends up when you don’t have time to put it away properly? Maybe it’s the den, laundry room, one of your closets, or even the kitchen junk drawer? The best way to tackle a job like that is to pick a day when you know you can devote a good consecutive chunk of time to the task. Then, comm... read more.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration for Your Calgary Home

(March 04, 2015)

The long nights of winter in Calgary are finally giving way to more daylight yay! As we look forward to warmer temperature and spring plants popping up, it’s a great time to get your home organized so you’ll have time to enjoy the Alberta outdoors when the warmer weather finally hits. We’d like to give some inspiration to get you started with some simple, yet effective tips to organize and clean y... read more.