Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

(April 29, 2015)

Now that Calgary's weather is starting to cooperate and Spring is upon us, we can start getting outdoors and clean it up.  Here's a checklist to get you started:

  1. Lawn - Clear any leftover debris from fall and winter, make sure the lawnmower is ready to go
  2. Windows - Check all caulking seals for cracking and replace caulking as needed
  3. Doors - Inspect weatherstripping after the long winter 
  4. Gutters and Dow... read more.

ReMax Market Share

(April 29, 2015)

When it comes to buying or selling your home, you want to make sure that you have the best people working for you.  Consistently, ReMax has the highest percentage of the Calgary market share.  For 2014, ReMax had 36.8% overall market share in the Calgary, over TRIPLE that of our next closest competitor! If you are looking to buy or sell, or know someone who is, contact me today!

Tip #5: Organize the Paper Chaos

(April 20, 2015)

Organize your receipts and bills in a simple and time effective manner.  Buy an inexpensive accordion file folder.  Label the pockets with the months of year.  Empty out all your receipts and paid bills into the pockets throughout the year.  At the end of the year, it will be easy to go into your file to get things ready for tax time.

Making Tax Time Go a Little Smoother

(April 19, 2015)

Each year, shortly after the new year has arrived, people start bemoaning the fact that tax time is going to be here before you know it. Most admit that it wouldn't be such a dreaded task if they had kept track of things like receipts and other documents throughout the year. When you create a home for future reference items, you prevent that panicked feeling each spring as you try to remember the... read more.

10 Tips to Revitalize Your Hiberating Home

(April 19, 2015)

Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest different and make your home so much more enjoyable and welcoming to visitors. Here's a simple checklist to make short work of giving you home a spring revitalization:

  1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again.
  2. Do one room, even one area of a room, at a time to avoid unfinished jobs. The satisfaction... read more.

Buying A Home Can Be Exciting, But Also An Emotional Experience.

(April 19, 2015)

You don’t need to need to know everything about buying and selling real estate in Calgary, if you hire a real estate professional who does. There are many steps to finding the right home, securing the property, and ensuring that you pay the price you intended to. As your RealtorⓇ, I can become your greatest asset in this journey. From the very beginning, strait to move in day.

Here is what you can... read more.