Summer Home Maintenance

(June 02, 2015 )

Now that we have warmer weather, you can start doing more outside maintenance to keep your house looking its best.

Simple thing you can do as homeowner are:

  1. Check the exterior drainage.  As a general rule, puddles should not be staying around for more than 24 hours.  If the water is sticking around longer, or if it is moving towards the foundation, check your gutters first.  It could be clogged gutters, a bad spout or loose connection.  If these all check out, look at the grading around your home and if needed, grade any areas needed with dirt.  You may also want to have a professional raise any concrete areas if needed.
  2. Take a look around the exterior of your home.  Any painting chipping?  Damaged siding?  Holes in the brick?  Now is the time to fix these simple problems before they become big problems.  Now is also the time to check out the foundation for cracking.  Also make sure to check out the state of your deck ad/or patio.  Are there loose boards? Lifting patio stones?  Now's the time to repaint/stain the deck if needed to protect it from the winter.
  3. Repair and replace any window screens and window wells.  You can pick up replacement screening and a tool to replace any screens with holes to keep the bugs outside.  Also make sure that the basement window wells are clear of trash, leaves, etc.
  4. Clean out the flower beds if you haven't already done so.  This will allow your plants to thrive and give your house curb appeal.
  5. Deal with any new pests the warmer weather has brought.  Not only can the bugs be bothersome but can also cause destruction of your flower beds, trees and shrubs.
  6. Clear the dryer vent and other exhaust vents.  Depending on where your laundry is located, this may best be left to the pros.  But if you are able to easily access your dryer vent, inspect and clear it of any accumulated lint, mice, or birds.  Make sure that the vents are not blocked and exhaust is coming out.

Some things you might want to consider a professional for:

  1. If you have an air conditioning unit, consider having it serviced for the season.  This can help your AC run more efficiently, saving you money and headaches later.
  2. If you have trees near any power lines, a professional arborist can prune your trees back for safety.

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